Amount – 70 gr.

Number of Cups ~ 90

Steep Twice

Pagaminimo data – 2021.06

The bamboo tube is 100% natural and biodegradable



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Summer Muscatel black Summer Muscatel Tea in Bamboo Box

What is Muscatel's tea flavour and origin?

Summer Muscatel black tea with expressive taste and memorable stone fruit aroma is produced only in June and July in the valleys of the highlands of Nepal. The expressive, yet soft aromas of plums and peaches are felt immediately after tasting the tea, then gradually transition to a sweeter floral flavor and aroma. In addition, Summer Muscatel vanilla spice adds a play of flavor to this attractive palette of aromas. Vanilla flavors the tea with a unique taste with an intense fruity aroma that is unique to the summer-made black Summer Muscatel tea from the highlands of Nepal. More information about this special tea can be found here.

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