Tealure company imports exclusive tea directly from carefully selected tea farms.

The idea for Tealure was born during his studies when Tealure founder Ernestas Klevas spent almost half a year in Nepal. There he had to travel through mountainous regions, collecting data for master’s theses. The tea farmers he met during the travels fascinated him with the exceptional taste of the tea. This discovery and the limited supply of quality tea led to the founding of Tealure. For seven years now, Ernestas has been looking for unique tea in the mountains of Nepal and Japan and is delivering it directly to buyers looking for exceptional taste.

Combining his passion for quality tea, with the desire to bring positive change for the people he had met in Nepal, Ernestas established Tealure. Dedicated to help build dreams for the Nepali tea communities and improve their quality of life by introducing authentic Nepali tea to the world. In 2014, Tealure started selling loose leaf tea online and in several outlets around Copenhagen, from neighbourhood cafes to Michelin star restaurants, establishing itself as a premium quality brand.